3 Methods to Black and White Conversion in Lightroom

The black and white collection contains attractively and beautifully toned presets to produce classic and vintage black and white conversions. A black and white photo can be inspiring and powerful, but it’s not always simple as that. With digital photography, it is simple to convert a color photo or free creative resume templates to black and white, but if you want to get quality black and white images you might need to do more than just simply take that RAW file or JPG file straight out of your camera and convert it to black and white.

3d2a90ee8ddca120489500b6ce84e44dAs a photographer, Lightroom is a very powerful and helpful tool for me. With Lightroom, there are several different techniques that I can use for getting quality black and whites.  I’m going to give you 3 tips to help you do better lightroom black and white presets conversions.

Tip 1: Convert to B &W first then make adjustments

Perhaps, the most popular way to work with black and white conversion in Lightroom is just to click on “Black and White Treatment” in the basic section of Lightroom’s Develop Module. This will immediately convert the color image to black and white. You can pull the saturation slider all the way to left to 100. You can do similar with the “Vibrance Slider”, but it could not give you a 100% black and white image.

This option will give you black and white result, though; they give you no control over how the colours render into the various shade of grey. I strongly suggest, use the black and white mix. That located in the third panel down on the right in “Develop”.  You find these settings in the HSL -> Color -> B&W section, just below the tone curve.

Tip 2: Process for color -> convert to B & W

Another method that works very well is to process the color image like you normally do and convert it to black and white. Settings like contrast, curves, clarity, and exposure may work equally well for black and white as they do for the color version of the photo.

Tip 3: Use presets

Lightroom presets can be tremendously valuable tool for black and white conversions. Lightroom comes with some black and white presets by default that might help you to get the type of look that you are after.  You just keep in mind that presets are great starting point for your work in Lightroom, without preset will not work perfectly with every photo.

With these three different methods as options, getting great black and white photos in Lightroom is very achievable.