6 Coolest Lightroom Features

LR22Lightroom is an amazing and powerful tool for photographers. It is not only full of tools to create your photos look amazing, but also it helps speed up your workflow and keep your photos organized and look spectacular.

Below are the 6 Lightroom features that make is such a great tool for photographers.

Create presets to save time and develop different styles. Lightroom presets let you to easily save configurations of the adjustment sliders in the “Develop Module”. This can save your time with your processing. You can make a wide variety of presets to save time and experiment with different looks. By using the presets you can create your photos in a consistent look. Choose the best presets for lightroom.

Graduated Filter. It is excellent for adjusting exposure to bring life back to an overexposed sky or for darkening a foreground to place greater emphasis on the subject.

Easy to crop images. With Lightroom, it is very easy to crop images. Simply click and drag along any horizontal or vertical line and your image will automatically be rotated and cropped.

Batch process images.  In the “Quick Develop Panel” you can batch process and apply presets to multitude photos at once. By batch processing your images, you can definitely save your time.

The powerful RAW file editor. Lightroom is an awesome RAW file editor. Because of the high quality of RAW files, you are able to perform adjustments like conversion to black and white, fine tuning brightness and contrast with little resulting loss of quality.

Non – destructive editing.  The best feature of Lightroom is it can protect your original photo and you don’t’ have to worry that you’re damaging the original file. Lightroom protects your original files; you can edit your images fearlessly, knowing you can always go back to a perfect quality original.

Lightroom allows you to be creative and saves your time when you need it. Choose the best presets for lightroom.