Buying A Drone


  • Drone Introduction
  • How to buy a drone
  • Cameradojo as your resource

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones in short are machines that can fly without an actual pilot physically present in the vehicle. It is being controlled remotely by a console or nowadays, smartphone apps. Today though, drones have become a commercial success because of the cool applications that it can be used for. Video drones have seen a huge rise in popularity in both professional photographers and hobbyists. People are loving the idea that they don’t have to hire someone else to take aerial videos and photos. All they need to do is get a video drone. But that is not as simple as you may think.


Before buying, one must do several things in order to get the right video drone. First thing to do is to read a drone camera buying guide at cameradojo. That guide essentially contains what you need to do before buying a video drone. Once you have done that, what you need to do next is to do a little research. Check out the top video drones available today and compare it with what your needs are. That way, you will be able to build a list of choices. It will be a long list, which is why you need to narrow it down. Read reviews to determine which video drones are what they say they are. These reviews will serve as your guide in determining if the video drone is any good or not.

Once you are able to narrow your list down, what you need to do next is window shopping. Check out the prices of the top drones in your list. Try to check your local gadget shops and see if they have any of the drones in your list. Also, check online shops and see if there are discounted drones in your list.

The drone camera buying guide at cameradojo is a great resource for all first timers in video drones. Aside from that, also provides other resources about drones. Make sure to check out that website before buying one.

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These Well-Meaning Reviewers for Sleeklens’ Products

  • Reading reviews from well-meaning photographers
  • Photography tools given special emphasis via Sleeklens’ reviews
  • Taking heed of Sleeklens’ reviews for a more complete photography experience

Sometimes it takes years before you can actually say that you are a professional photographer. It takes intense practice, a lot of trial and errors, a glorious amount of time studying the latest gadgets and how to use them properly. These are just some of the things photographers do on a daily basis to perfect their art.


They can also learn from their fellow photographers. There are photographers who love to share their experiences and photography know-how (without reservations even). Luckily for non-professional photographers, though, they can actually learn a lot from these selfless photographers.

As in the case with Sleeklens, they have this list of photographers reviewed Sleeklens products. Yes, that’s exactly right. Sleeklens offers you a rare glimpse into the mind of these photographers, so that by the time you edit your own photos, you enhance these images like some professional work.

Photographers reviewed Sleeklens products as if it’s the natural thing to do. You certainly can’t get this kind of editing from other sites, since a lot of photographers are hesitant to share their expertise for fear that it might be copied.

But Sleeklens has none of that. They only have the best photo images in mind. These photographers reviewed Sleeklens products so that anyone who is interested in having a career in photographer would be encouraged all the more out of learning something from their reviews.

It won’t take years anymore for you to become a professional photographer. You can take the Sleeklens way, just by reading these reviews, or by relishing their easy-to-follow tutorials. You could say that you only need Sleeklens from now on for you to become an expert in the field.

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The Best Action Cameras to Capture Adrenaline Infused Moments

  • The top brands in the market
  • Which ones to go for
  • How much do they cost

Action video camera technology has come a long way in the past few years and extreme sports lovers could never be happier. This device has allowed them to watch the most breath taking and adrenaline infused moments that were never possible 10 years ago. This device allowed extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and others to push to the mainstream level. Not a day goes by that not an awesome video captured by an action video camera is uploaded on to YouTube for the public to see. Heck, people even strap them on to their pets and the video would instantly go viral.


So, if you want to buy one, you have to first know which ones are the best. I can tell you right now that there is one name that rises above the rest. And that name is GoPro. These guys revolutionized video capture of adrenaline infused videos. The reason is that GoPro’s image quality is really superb, plus you can also mount them anywhere. The only downside is, if you really want to go for their high end product, it can be a little pricey. The Hero4 Black alone retails for about $450-$500 dollars.

Sony has also produced action cameras that are pretty solid. The Sony FDR-X1000V is their newest and greatest action camera and retails at around $370-$400. The steady shot feature is to die for and is basically the best that Sony has to offer.

Garmin has also produced a masterpiece called Garmin Virb XE. It’s compact and waterproof and has a G-metrix that tracks your movements real-time and display it in graphs and gauges. Pretty cool right? The Virb XE retails at around $360-$400.

Of course these brands do have low end versions of their creations at a lower price point. But the quality is not the same. Overall, these 3 are some, if not the top 3 action cameras available in the market today.

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On Becoming a Professional Photographer with Lightroom

  • Editing wedding photos the way photographers do by using Lightroom presets
  • Wedding presets in all shapes and sizes for the editing and enhancement of wedding pics
  • Easy to handle tools for your wedding photos

In the old days, when you think about enhancing your wedding pics, you used to think of hiring a professional photographer to do the work. Today, however, that is no longer the case. All you need to do is tuck that Lightroom in, and it will take care of the rest.

Yes, Lightroom’s collection of wedding presets come in all shapes and sizes. These Lightroom professional wedding presets, though, has all the tools to cover every editing and enhancing need you might want with your wedding pics.


But what makes these Lightroom professional wedding presets special? What kind effect do they bring every time you use them with your wedding pics? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They bring depth and diversity – With more than 100 wedding presets to choose from, the only thing limiting you right now is your imagination. A case in point is when you incorporate this HDR effect on your wedding pic, chances are, the effect is one of awe and excitement as Lightroom enhances your wedding picture like those found in glossy magazines.
  • They’re easy to access – Tons of presets are available online, and they are easy to download. And there’s much resources at stake with other photo enhancing apps, but with these Lightroom professional wedding presets, you don’t have to spend more to produce quality photos. All you need to do is follow the instruction online and you can get these presets free any time.
  • They are for keeps – Lightroom has its unique storing system for your files. So not only you get to enhance your wedding pics, you can also keep them with your Lightroom app. Such a convenient way of taking care of your wedding pics.

So you can be a photographer in your own right with these Lightroom professional wedding presets. With its special features, though, people that you are an expert when it comes to enhancing wedding photos, and that’s the ultimate effect Lightroom can give to its patrons.

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Short Story: The Truth About Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Both post processing tools were developed and created by Adobe system.
  • Everyone in the photography industry knows how important post processing tools are.
  • Adobe decided to make a simple version of Photoshop to make the life of every photographer easy.

Getting to know Lightroom and Photoshop

Generally, both post-processing tools were developed and created by Adobe system. Photoshop was released first in 1990 while Lightroom was launched in 2006. There are a lot of controversies linking to the two popular program, however, Adobe said that both editing software provides unique features and that there is no reason to make a fuss out of it. In this article, we will talk more about the two of the best editing tools in the market.

LR3 (2)

Comparing Lightroom and Photoshop

Everyone in the photography industry knows how important post processing tools are for their images and among all editing software available, they also know that Photoshop and Lightroom bring more colors and convenience to their editing workload. A lot of people say that Photoshop is complex while Lightroom is a user-friendly program.

Adobe Photoshop

According to Wikipedia, “Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, it has become the de facto industry standard in raster graphics editing.” Today, the word “Photoshop” means modifying every single detail of the image via Adobe Photoshop. Although the program is time consuming, photographers still believe that Photoshop is one of the best tools ever created.

Adobe Lightroom

On the other hand, Adobe decided to make a simple version of Photoshop to make the life of every photographers easy. With Lightroom and its presets, you are allowed to create your own presets, (vintage presets Lightroom, wedding vintage presets or more) and apply it to one or more images at once. By doing this, you’re also allowing yourself to save time in editing tons of images.

Photoshop and Lightroom have their own advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is for sure. Both programs can help you create several stunning and amazing images.

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Five Simple Steps in Creating Photoshop Actions

Generally, as an avid Photoshop user, you are aware that editing images manually is really stressful and tiring. Good thing Adobe decided to add a feature called action to help users simplify the entire editing process. When using Photoshop actions, you don’t need to worry about doing the same routine all over again in another image.

pre5Adobe Photoshop actions allow users to record the whole process of editing and apply it to hundred or thousands of images at once. Moreover, photoshop actions are reusable and modifiable, so you can add new effects whenever you want.

Here are the five steps in creating photoshop actions:

Go to the Actions panel in Photoshop

When opening the action panel in photoshop, you can see a lot of default actions that will guide you in creating your own and customized actions. Note that you can use all the actions in the panel on your images.

Record your editing process and save as Action

Recording an action is simple. You just have to choose the icon located on the upper right corner of the actions panel and click on the new action option to save your process.

Play the action anytime

When reusing and playing actions, make sure that it will fit in with the image.

Modifying and organizing actions

You can modify actions if you want to add more effects.

These simple steps will guide you in creating your own actions. Get more tips on how to install photoshop actions here.

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What To Expect in Lightroom Process Versions?

If you are new to Lightroom and if you are using the latest version of Lightroom, you might want to know and understand the Lightroom process versions. In this article, we will talk about the basics and what to expect in process versions in Lightroom.

What are processed versions?

In the previous versions of Lightroom particularly in Lightroom 3 and 4, process versions were not updated appropriately. These process versions in Lightroom have a big effect on how you process RAW and JPEG images in Lightroom. It is very important to understand how these process versions work.

beachPrimarily, there was only one process version being used in the beta, first and second release of Lightroom and upgrading to a higher version doesn’t have any major issues and bugs. This process version is called “Process 2003”.

When Adobe released its 3rd and 4th version, they also upgraded the process version and named it process 2010. This specific version has shown great performance in converting RAW and JPEG images. Moreover, it provides better sharpening and noise reduction adjustments.

Until today, Lightroom’s latest version is linked with a new and upgraded process versions. And because Adobe only wants the best to help its users, they made the processed versions more useful, fast and reliable. Modifying and organizing images in Lightroom have been easier with the latest processed version. Images that were imported and stored in Lightroom’s library-module is now fast compared to the older version.

Find more great variety of tutorials for Adobe products at  They have the most awaited and latest news and update of Adobe Lightroom version. Moreover, you can always visit the site if you want to know more about Lightroom.

As long as you continue to support and use Adobe’s famous post processing tool called Lightroom, I’m sure that the company will also continue to give you the most advanced and useful image processor in the industry.

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How to Put Water on Your Photo

Lightroom tutorials are a Brady bunch. The varieties that they present are as diversified as those free presets available online. Since every picture has its own inherent quality, Lightroom tutorials are also done with the understanding that for every picture there is a specified preset for it.

aug7A classic example for that is the tutorial of creating water reflections on your photo. This Lightroom tutorial is best done on your own liking instead of altering an already fixed texture on the tool. By doing so, you will have the desired water effect of a real one.

But you need to have a clear photo for this particular preset for you to have a clearer water aspect on your photo. If you have made the necessary displacement map for this feature, that would be an advantage because it will save you so many steps in doing so. If not, there is a guide to that.

First, you need to select a specific image you want to work with, load it through Photoshop. If your image is large, you might want to reduce for convenience.

Then proceed with duplicating the layer with CTRL+J. Go immediately to Image (Canvas Size) and apply the parameters situated below.

Afterwards, choose Layer 1 and immediately select Edit menu with Free Transform-Flip Vertical.

Then CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E to specifically capture everything, then make a new layer.

Cover the new layer with white then proceed to Filters Gallery. Choose a line halftone pattern, size 5 with its contrast of 4.

Put a hold on CTRL while pressing Layer 1. After which, go to Edit with Free Transform-Perspective.  Then press on to Layer-Duplicate Layer, duplicate the said layer into a new document. Save it by using it as a displacement map. Discard the previous layer and convert the capture with Smart Object.

This is the part where you apply motion blurs or those saturation methods, then decrease the opacity (Smart Object), only then will the watery effect is in place.




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Using Light as a photography asset

You cannot take a photograph without light. You cannot take amazing photography without learning how to use light to your advantage. This is a skill that is going to take time to master but it will be well worth it when you have it down to an art.

Bad Use of Light
Bad Use of Light

When learning how to use light to enhance your photographs, apart from using Lightroom Presets, you can try to shoot during dusk or dawn. The orange rays of the sun at that time are always beautiful and hey will breathe this beautiful essence into all the helmet video camera photographs that you shoot in these light conditions. Sun;light is soft light that add something natural to your photos so that they look a lot more natural. Manipulating your photographs using Adobe Lightroom might give them as much depth as beauty as taking them naturally will.

Against or towards the light?

This is a question that does not have a simple answer. It depends on the light conditions that are there at the time of shooting. If the light is not too bright or harsh, you can shoot toward it but ensure that time of exposure is as little as possible. It is advised to only do this when you absolutely have to.


The best way to shoot is against the light, i.e when the source of light is to your left or your right, or with the light behind you. This is so that the subject is fully illuminated and none of the glare from the light reaches your camera’s sensors. If you have the experience and shooting in a room, you can use a reflector. This will provide enough light to your subjects without the glare that comes with shooting in bright light conditions.

Using light the right way will take some time and skill to master as do all other photography skills. All you have to do is be consistent and always aim to be the best you can. Experiment with different light conditions and directions as well as natural and artificial light.

For more information, see the video below

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6 Coolest Lightroom Features

LR22Lightroom is an amazing and powerful tool for photographers. It is not only full of tools to create your photos look amazing, but also it helps speed up your workflow and keep your photos organized and look spectacular.

Below are the 6 Lightroom features that make is such a great tool for photographers.

Create presets to save time and develop different styles. Lightroom presets let you to easily save configurations of the adjustment sliders in the “Develop Module”. This can save your time with your processing. You can make a wide variety of presets to save time and experiment with different looks. By using the presets you can create your photos in a consistent look. Choose the best presets for lightroom.

Graduated Filter. It is excellent for adjusting exposure to bring life back to an overexposed sky or for darkening a foreground to place greater emphasis on the subject.

Easy to crop images. With Lightroom, it is very easy to crop images. Simply click and drag along any horizontal or vertical line and your image will automatically be rotated and cropped.

Batch process images.  In the “Quick Develop Panel” you can batch process and apply presets to multitude photos at once. By batch processing your images, you can definitely save your time.

The powerful RAW file editor. Lightroom is an awesome RAW file editor. Because of the high quality of RAW files, you are able to perform adjustments like conversion to black and white, fine tuning brightness and contrast with little resulting loss of quality.

Non – destructive editing.  The best feature of Lightroom is it can protect your original photo and you don’t’ have to worry that you’re damaging the original file. Lightroom protects your original files; you can edit your images fearlessly, knowing you can always go back to a perfect quality original.

Lightroom allows you to be creative and saves your time when you need it. Choose the best presets for lightroom.

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Three Useful Wedding Photography Tips

ph7According to Wikipedia, the definition of Wedding photography is “the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception.” However, photographers have a deeper meaning to it. Weddings are the most special occasion every photographer looks forward to because they just doesn’t get pictures of the couples and the ceremony; they also get to witness the real joy and happiness of the people around it.

That is the reason why photographers have their own style and tricks in taking wonderful images during this specific occasion. They wanted to give their best shot since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and of course, they want to give the couples something that they can remember throughout their journey as a couple.

Most photographers use Lightroom presets for portraits and weddings as it contains unique color adjustments which makes an image more outstanding and perfect. These presets can be used to one or more images in just a few clicks.

Basically, there are a lot of tips on how to take the best wedding photography, but in this article, we will only talk about the top three wedding photography tips for amateurs:

Balancing Shutter Speed

Do you have any idea on what shutter speed to set without taking hazy photos? The first thing every photographer should do to avoid blurring the image is to hold the camera as still as possible and press the capture button lightly. Sounds very easy, right? But yes, it is easy.

In some cases wherein the photographer’s hand is naturally shaky, they can use this other tip; using of tripods. It is the only way to get clear shot during the special ceremony.


Are you familiar with one of the settings of your camera called ISO? Well, according to experts, ISO is the level of light sensitivity of your camera. As the number of ISO increases, the higher sensitive it is to light in your camera.

Aperture Setting

As what most photographers say, Aperture is one of the most important settings in every camera. That’s also the reason why they regularly change the lens of their camera to have a better aperture shot. Check this link for more tips on Lightroom presets for portraits and aperture tutorials.



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3 Methods to Black and White Conversion in Lightroom

The black and white collection contains attractively and beautifully toned presets to produce classic and vintage black and white conversions. A black and white photo can be inspiring and powerful, but it’s not always simple as that. With digital photography, it is simple to convert a color photo or free creative resume templates to black and white, but if you want to get quality black and white images you might need to do more than just simply take that RAW file or JPG file straight out of your camera and convert it to black and white.

3d2a90ee8ddca120489500b6ce84e44dAs a photographer, Lightroom is a very powerful and helpful tool for me. With Lightroom, there are several different techniques that I can use for getting quality black and whites.  I’m going to give you 3 tips to help you do better lightroom black and white presets conversions.

Tip 1: Convert to B &W first then make adjustments

Perhaps, the most popular way to work with black and white conversion in Lightroom is just to click on “Black and White Treatment” in the basic section of Lightroom’s Develop Module. This will immediately convert the color image to black and white. You can pull the saturation slider all the way to left to 100. You can do similar with the “Vibrance Slider”, but it could not give you a 100% black and white image.

This option will give you black and white result, though; they give you no control over how the colours render into the various shade of grey. I strongly suggest, use the black and white mix. That located in the third panel down on the right in “Develop”.  You find these settings in the HSL -> Color -> B&W section, just below the tone curve.

Tip 2: Process for color -> convert to B & W

Another method that works very well is to process the color image like you normally do and convert it to black and white. Settings like contrast, curves, clarity, and exposure may work equally well for black and white as they do for the color version of the photo.

Tip 3: Use presets

Lightroom presets can be tremendously valuable tool for black and white conversions. Lightroom comes with some black and white presets by default that might help you to get the type of look that you are after.  You just keep in mind that presets are great starting point for your work in Lightroom, without preset will not work perfectly with every photo.

With these three different methods as options, getting great black and white photos in Lightroom is very achievable.

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Tutorial: How To Use Lightroom?

What is lightroom?

Generally, Adobe lightroom is one of the most amazing photo editing tool which helps professional photographer organize their workload. More importantly, lightroom is a non-destructive tool that preserves the original setting of raw images.

If you are still new to lightroom’s features and setting, it is best to invest more of your time to explore and learn how to manipulate and control the different modules of this program. Lightroom is known for its very powerful editing style since it is easier compare to other tools such as Photoshop.  Watch the video tutorial below for more information:

In this article/tutorial, we will give you several steps on how to edit images using adobe lightroom. Moreover, this tutorial will cover a lot of topics such as using basic controls and adjustment and more. Even if you have experience with photoshop, there are still a lot to learn in lightroom.

Essentially, lightroom is a much exciting tool compared to Photoshop since it makes everything easier.

Here are some tips on how to use lightroom:

  1. Immediately add presets or other data to one or more photos by using paint can tool in library mode. Spray the paint to the images you want to modify to make it artsy.
  2. In the develop mode, there is a histogram that will allow you to create and modify the light and color of the image fast and easy.
  3. Once you’re done in editing the image, save all the changes you made and apply it to other images as well by clicking the save as button.

Advantages of Lightroom

As a non-destructive photo editing tool, adobe lightroom preserves the original features of the raw image. In addition, the program has a tool that can heal and clone the image by its drag and drop feature. Lightroom contains similar features of photoshop such as content aware and photomerge, but lightroom is a more convenient tool than photoshop.

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Beginners Guide To Lightroom Presets

002Photographers, particularly portrait photographers, are the ones who always look for something unique, trendy and creative to use on their images. There are a lot of ways to apply these images. It can be re-designed in a photo editing tool such as Photoshop. However, most photographers find it very time consuming to edit images manually.

They wanted a tool that can help them simplify their workload. That is the reason why lightroom is built, to provide assistance to photographers since the program is a non-destructive and fast tool.

Photographers can both download lightroom free presets and use it immediately. All they have to do is flip through the library and change what they want to change in one click.

If you think you do not have the talent to create wonderful presets, lightroom will help you enhance your creativeness.

What are the best lightroom free presets available online?

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to invest time in creating personalized presets, then you might want to explore the web and look for some free and downloadable lightroom presets since there are thousands of presets available online. However, you need to be cautious in downloading presets since there are also a lot of low quality presets.

Here are some of the best lightroom presets I found online:

Sepia Chic 1 and Sepia Chic 2

These two presets are my favorite. I use and apply it to most of my images. You can download them for free online.

Vintage Presets

This is one of the best presets for flashbacks images since it can really turn a modern image to a retro, old and classic image.

Pretty Presets Autumn

Pretty presets autumn is one of the most beautiful presets ever created. With it, it can turn a raw image to a more lively and fantastic image.

Again, there are a lot of wonderful and outstanding lightroom presets online, but it will take more time if I will mention all of it in one article. These three presets are just some of my favorite. However, if you have a lot of time, instead of downloading presets, why not create your own and test your skills in beautifying images.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

How to install adobe lightroom presets?

Lightroom Presets is an easy to install photo editing software. Simply download it online, follow the instructions given, and you’re done. You can now start exploring the great features and services of lightroom presets.

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Introducing Lightroom

Photography enthusiasts, particularly portrait professional photographers, will always be looking for innovative and classy “looks” to make use of to their pictures. There are lots of methods to implement these “looks” and every one of them is often re-created in Photoshop; nevertheless, just about all expert portrait photography addicts make use of a program known as Lightroom, which can be produced by exactly the same company that creates Photoshop. This software causes it to be considerably faster and much easier to make use of various “looks”, or presets, to your photographs.

Photography lovers don’t possess a large amount of additional time to edit. Being a full-time photographer myself personally, I depend seriously on any instruments that help save me time in the modifying process. Among the tools I personally use is Lightroom presets.shadow_crusher1

A preset is a pre-determined placement all of the of sliders in Lightroom. Quite simply, you are able to modify a photo the way you like, and then conserve that precisely mixture of slider positions for upcoming use on yet another image.

Lightroom consumers may either purchase, produce, or acquire free presets. Then, the professional photographer just has to flip from the library of images and can totally alter the look of the image with just a single click. Lightroom presets are usually Beautiful!If you think you are prepared to consider your portrait photography one stage further, then I would certainly suggest you buy Lightroom and begin downloading a few presets.I personally use Lightroom presets on every family portrait shoot. In reality I made use of them on a photograph I was enhancing today for a family I shot 2-3 weeks ago.

In case you are more of an informal portrait professional photographer or just don’t need to purchase a high quality set of Lightroom presets, you very well may try discovering some free of charge ones on the internet. I have acquired over 300 presets within the last year and also have already removed 280 of those. Presently there are a lot of junky presets in existence, so I will suggest a few presets here that I say is top quality. If you want to know where I found a lot of useful presets, look at a huge list of Lightroom presets from infoparrot.


Lightroom presets couldn’t be any simpler to set up. Simply obtain the presets and unzip the file, go to Lightroom. Within the Library module, check out the left side exactly where it listings “User presets.” Right click “user presets” and then click “import.” Now click the presets you need to install and you’re in operation!

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All about Photography

photo1It’s no doubt that photographs are pretty amazing.  Because of it, we had the opportunity to preserve history and memories. We can recall our first steps, how we crawl, cry and eat by just looking through old photographs. Moreover, through photography, we can have the chance to capture once in a lifetime moments such as graduations, weddings, and other occasions. We also use photographs to recall historical events such as the first steps on the moon, events during historic wars.

But do we really understand what photography is?

According to Mirriam-Webster English dictionary, “photography is the art of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (as a film or an optical sensor)”. Another definition from oxford is that photography is the art of practice of taking and processing photographs”.

Is it too simple to understand? Photography is the art of capturing precious subjects. It can make an ordinary object look extraordinary and special. You can explore a lot of things with the use of one camera.

Capturing wonderful images are not merely the results of expensive and fancy cameras. Anyone who owns simple camera can take brilliant images. It will only depend on how passionate you are in taking pictures.

You only need these four things and traits to get an extraordinary and amazing image:

Passion and desire to take photographs

Photographs are graphic presentation. Again, it has the ability to make ordinary things look extraordinary. In order to do it, you have to be passionate and inspired in taking pictures.

Skills and Knowledge

Every professional photographer was once a beginner. They have a lot of stories to share related to their journey in being a photographer. They reached their goal to become a professional photographer because they have molded and developed their skills and knowledge. Having the right knowledge in photography will lead you to success in your career.


With photography, you can build wonderful connections with nature, environment and people. Being a photographer does not only mean owning an expensive camera and gears. It also gives us the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people in all classes.


Last but not the least; you can never be a photographer without owning a camera. However, in order to get good pictures, you have to explore everything on your camera. From the lens, physical features, down to its settings.

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