Five Simple Steps in Creating Photoshop Actions

Generally, as an avid Photoshop user, you are aware that editing images manually is really stressful and tiring. Good thing Adobe decided to add a feature called action to help users simplify the entire editing process. When using Photoshop actions, you don’t need to worry about doing the same routine all over again in another image.

pre5Adobe Photoshop actions allow users to record the whole process of editing and apply it to hundred or thousands of images at once. Moreover, photoshop actions are reusable and modifiable, so you can add new effects whenever you want.

Here are the five steps in creating photoshop actions:

Go to the Actions panel in Photoshop

When opening the action panel in photoshop, you can see a lot of default actions that will guide you in creating your own and customized actions. Note that you can use all the actions in the panel on your images.

Record your editing process and save as Action

Recording an action is simple. You just have to choose the icon located on the upper right corner of the actions panel and click on the new action option to save your process.

Play the action anytime

When reusing and playing actions, make sure that it will fit in with the image.

Modifying and organizing actions

You can modify actions if you want to add more effects.

These simple steps will guide you in creating your own actions. Get more tips on how to install photoshop actions here.