What We Do

ID-10017216Hi!  I started glufolio.co.uk a few years ago. With photography, I can do everything. It made me realize wonderful things. If I live without photography, life would be so dull and boring.

Today, wonderful images and photographs has already infiltrated every aspect of our lives, changing how we learn, and how we shop since most of us are visual learners and we depend on the quality from its visual advertisement.

Again, photography is my life. I make sure that I will not waste my time, effort, and any single cent with unworthy camera equipment. I want to have a tool that is useful and effective for my journey on photography.

From the start, you may sort glufolio.co.uk as a business site since it sounds like portfolio. But glufolio.co.uk will is a site designed for beginners, and professionals in photography. It includes reviews on camera brands, styles, filters and photo editing tools such as adobe photoshop, lighroom and more. The reason why I built this site is because I want to provide loads of updates and other important information to our fellow photographers.

My goal is to show you the significance of photography in our daily life. I don’t consider myself as an expert since I know my boundaries. But, I can guarantee you all that I will give you unbiased and well-researched information about photography.

There are a lot of camera brands available on the internet and on the market. I was once normal teenager seeking for reviews about a certain camera that I want to buy. I know the feeling of being curious about the specifications and features of the product.

I want to help you identify the pros and cons of every brand. This is the main reason why I really wanted to push through with this site. So, sit back, read and I hope you find this site useful.


Eric Lee